What Happens to Cat Litter When You Put It in the Toilet?

Cleaning cat litter is not a job for the faint of heart. The smell alone can leave your eyes watering. However, as unpleasant a job it is, you shouldn't take shortcuts by pouring cat litter into a toilet. Although at first, you won't notice any issues, in time, the buildup of cat litter and cat feces in your toilet will cause a blockage.  Most Cat Litter Is Made of Clay

Advice for Handling a Burst Pipe

Pipes burst for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps you have faced a cold snap and the resulting sub-zero temperatures have made ice form inside the pipe, causing it to expand. Maybe the water pressure to your home or work premises is too high and the joints in your plumbing system have faced too much strain. There again, you might simply have an old section of pipework which has deteriorated over the years until it has finally allowed water to escape.

Heat Water System - Energy Saving Solutions

In this day and age, we are all being told to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions for the welfare of the beautiful planet we live on. We need to sustain this planet for our future generations. One way is to look for environmentally friendly options for our hot water systems. You may already be aware of solar hot water systems, which are a wonderful, environmentally friendly option but have large initial installation costs; however, many of us are unaware of using a heat pump as a renewable form of energy.

4 Reasons to Use a Linear Shower Drain Gate Over a Centre Round Drain

It used to be that all showers used a centre round drain. These are circular drains around the size of your palm. They work well enough, but more and more people are discovering the advantages of switching over to a linear drain. These longer, trough-shaped drains present several advantages over the traditional centre round drain, and here are just four. 1. Lower Risk of Blockages Probably the clearest and most appealing advantage of linear drains is cutting down on the likelihood of blockages.

Home Insurance for your plumbing system: Are you covered?

Home insurance policies are designed to cover various types of damage to the home. Many homeowners wonder if their current homeowner's insurance policy covers damages to plumbing systems. It can certainly be expensive to carry out plumbing repairs, especially in the event of an emergency. For instance, a burst pipe can cause extensive damage to floors and walls if it's not fixed as soon as possible. But does your current policy cover plumbing repairs?