Commercial Plumbing Installations That Might Be Needed for Your Restaurant

If you're getting your restaurant off the ground, then you need to take care of all of the essentials, including getting your plumbing set up. These are some of the different commercial plumbing installations that might be needed when you're getting your restaurant off the ground. Fortunately, if you get in contact with a commercial plumber—who preferably has experience in performing plumbing work in restaurants, in particular—they can help you with all of these different commercial plumbing installations, and just about anything else plumbing-related that you might need to have done in your restaurant, too.

Commercial Food Waste Disposals

First of all, you might be worried about food clogging up your plumbing, such as when dishes are being rinsed in your sink. This is a common problem in restaurants, and if you end up with clogged plumbing, a commercial plumber can help you out. However, you can help prevent this from happening in the first place by having a commercial plumber install a commercial food waste disposal in your sink.

Water Lines for Ice and Beverages

You might have purchased an ice maker so you can make your own ice, and a plumber can help with installing the necessary water lines so that your ice maker can operate. Additionally, they can install water lines that will run to your fountain drink machine, so you will always have fountain drinks available for your customers.

Dishwashing Equipment

You need a commercial-grade dishwasher so you can properly sanitize dishes in an efficient and fast manner. A commercial plumber can help you choose a commercial dishwasher that will hold up well against the demands put on it by your restaurant, and they can make sure that your dishwashing equipment is properly installed, too.

Sink Installations

You need sinks in your restaurant kitchen for washing dishes, washing hands, filling up pots, and more. A commercial plumber can help you determine how many sinks you need, what type of sink is best, and where to install your sinks. Then, they can handle the installation for you.

Bathroom Installations

Of course, you will need to provide restrooms for your employees and customers to use. A commercial plumber can assist you with running the plumbing to install multiple sinks and toilets in multiple bathrooms. They can make sure that there are proper water lines so these fixtures will work properly, and they can also hook up septic or sewage lines so that sewage will be disposed of legally and responsibly.

For more information, contact a commercial plumbing service.