How to Know if You Have Deteriorated Water Supply Pipes in Your Home

Unless it is detected and dealt with early on, deterioration of water supply pipes is a plumbing issue that can disrupt your normal household routine and cause a lot of damage to your residential property. That's why you should continuously keep a lookout for signs that your residential water pipes are nearing the end of their useful life. The earlier the problem is identified and corrected, the lower your annual home maintenance or repair bill will be.

With that said, below are a few common signs of pipe deterioration that you should watch out for. 

Poor water quality

When your water pipes are working properly, they ensure the water coming out of your taps and showerheads is clean and safe for domestic use. If you notice a change in the colour of your water from colourless to brown or yellow, this is an indication that your pipes are corroding. 

Pipe corrosion is a common phenomenon in copper pipes found in most older homes. It usually occurs due to normal wear and tear of the metal and is accelerated when the water flowing through the pipes is highly acidic. Another way to know if you have corroded pipes is by paying attention to the taste and smell of your water. If it has a metallic taste and repellant odour, you should get the pipes replaced. 


Water leaks are one of the most obvious signs you may have deteriorated water supply pipes. As water pipes experience wear and tear, they can develop cracks and holes that create openings for water to escape. 

If you see a wet patch on your ceiling, on your walls, or in your yard, this may be an indication of pipe deterioration.

Mould growth

Leaks from deteriorated water pipes create a damp environment that encourages the growth of mould. If you see mould growing on the ceiling or walls behind which a pipe installation is hidden, it is likely that you have deteriorated water pipes. 

Low water pressure

This is one of the most frustrating issues you may face with your residential plumbing system. It can be caused by a host of problems, including deteriorated pipes that leak water and decrease the water pressure at your taps and showerheads. 

Early detection and replacement of deteriorated water pipes will not only prevent water damage to your home but also help maintain the right water quality for household use. If you encounter any of the above-highlighted problems with your residential water supply, it's best to seek assistance from a residential plumber near you.