3 Common Water Tank Pump Problems

Troubleshooting a water tank pump isn't always easy. If you do not have specialist knowledge of how a pump works, you might not immediately be able to tell whether your pump needs a minor repair or complete replacement. Here are three common problems that water tank pumps experience, along with information for what you can do about them.

1. Pump Does Not Start

If your water tank pump does not work at all, then one likely cause could be an issue with the power supply. For example, the pump might have tripped a circuit breaker or blown a fuse. You need to find your fuse box and replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker to restore the electrical supply.

Another possibility is that the pump has a broken pressure sensor. If this sensor incorrectly reports that the water tank is empty, then the pump will refuse to start. Try resetting the pressure control settings and trying the pump again.

One final possibility is that the pump has a blocked feed line. You can check for a blockage by taking the pump apart and cleaning out the feed line. Alternatively, contact a plumber who can quickly and expertly carry out this maintenance task for you.

2. Pump Runs Continuously

Your water tank pump should shut off automatically once it has delivered the water you require. If the pump continues to run even when you have turned off all the taps, then it is possible that there is a leak somewhere in the system. Check for wet patches and drips around all the pipes you can access. If you cannot find the leak, contact a plumber who can use their expertise to locate and fix it.

3. Pump Delivers No Water

If your water tank pump appears to be running correctly but does not supply any water, then it is possible that you have not primed it properly. Submerge the pump under the water so that both the suction line and the pump body fill with water before you try to run it again.

If you cannot get your pump primed correctly, there might be a blockage inside the pump or a suction line leak. Both of these problems require you to take the pump apart to find and fix them. If you don't feel confident taking your pump apart, you can contact a plumber to repair the pump for you. Contact a plumber for more information regarding water tank pumps.