Are Your Sprinklers Working As Well As They Should?

Sprinklers are a common sight all across Australia due to the often harsh climate of summer and the relative infrequency of rain in the winters. It is not uncommon to see a batch of sprinklers all up and down the street turn on at certain, pre-determined times of the day, and most of the great gardens you see are due to the ongoing presence of sprinklers. However, sprinklers are just like any other plumbing component and they can get old and worn out and in need of replacement. Here are some signs that you need to replace your sprinklers as soon as possible!

Shaking When You Turn Them On

If you can feel the tap and, subsequently, the sprinklers underneath the ground bucking when you turn them on, then it is a sign the fixings are getting loose and that a failure is not far away. Often these come loose due to rust or other types of corrosion, and it could already be inside your pipes, making the water dirty and not ideal for plants. If you only notice a minute amount of shaking when you turn them on, you might be able to fix them rather than totally replace all your sprinklers, but a plumber will have to diagnose your particular situation.

Higher Than Normal Water Bill

If you notice that your water usage is higher than normal and do not have any cause to believe it was from your regular usage, then you have a good reason to inspect your sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems are often underground, so it is hard to see if there is any cracks or holes in the plumbing. Look instead for greener patches of grass than usual that might indicate more water. You may even feel the ground and see that it is quite wet and spongey. If so, then that section, if not the whole sprinkler system, will need to be removed and replaced. 

Bad Angles

After a while, it is not uncommon for sprinkler systems to become warped either due to the hot sun, the strength of the earth or the pressure of the water pushing through them. Sometimes, all three combine together to form a perfect trio to ruin your sprinklers. If you notice that your sprinklers are no longer hitting every patch of lawn that they should, then go out and see what is wrong with them. Look for bent sprinkler heads, rusted tops and plumbing poking out of the ground. If you see any signs of badly worn sprinklers, you know who to call.