Is Your Home's Plumbing System Defective? Here Is How to Tell That You Need Immediate Repairs

Most households have experienced plumbing issues at one point in time. Some homeowners consider plumbing breakdowns as minor issues that are easy to solve with simple online do-it-yourself tips. Well, you can fix some issues with simple tools and a bit of research online. For instance, you can unclog a blocked toilet by plunging. However, some problems are best left in the hands of a plumber. Handling these problems on your own can lead to more severe and costly messes. If you encounter any of the signs below, you must contact a professional plumber immediately. 

Water Is Flowing Back Into Sinks and Tubs

One of the signs of a broken plumbing system is a backflow of wastewater in your sinks and bathtubs. Backflow mainly occurs when valves in the drain pipes are broken or faulty. A malfunctioning valve does not close out drained water, which in turn causes a reversal of the water. Sewage or wastewater backflow is not only smelly, but it can also be tedious to clean. For that reason, you should call a plumber as soon as you notice a backflow of wastewater in your sinks, bathtubs or toilet. The plumber will identify the faulty valves by running a camera down the drain. They will then dig up the ground and fix or replace the broken valves. 

Water Getting Frozen in Your Pipes During the Cold Months

Winter is great, but it comes with a few challenges. One of these challenges is frozen pipes. Signs of a frozen pipe include reduced water pressure and frost around the pipes under the sink. If left unattended, a frozen pipe can potentially burst and lead to a distressing water damage problem. To prevent an incidence of a burst pipe, you should seek professional help as soon as you suspect frozen pipes in your home. An experienced plumber will utilise special tools to thaw the ice from the pipes and allow the free flow of water. 

Hearing Sounds of Flowing Water in the Pipes

Naturally, you should not hear the sounds of flowing water in your water lines when the toilet or kitchen sink is not in use. Running water in the pipes is an obvious sign that the water is going somewhere. In most cases, the sound of running water is an indication of leakage in your water line. That is why you should not ignore these strange noises. An unseen leak can lead to devastating water damage in your home and a hike your water bills. Therefore, ensure that you call an expert plumber to fix the leak as early as possible. 

These early warning signs can save you from incurring costly repairs. So, make sure you take immediate action by calling a plumber when you notice any of the signs.