Types of Hot Water Systems

Hot showers are a great luxury unless you prefer cold showers. When your hot water system starts to malfunction, then you should look into replacing it. Instead of getting the same replacement, you should consider different types of hot water systems. This research will allow you to choose the most efficient and affordable system. The different kinds of hot water systems that you can get installed include:

Electric hot water systems

Electrical hot water systems are usually affordable to purchase and to install. However, they have high operating costs, especially in a large household. Electric heaters are available in two types: storage heaters and instantaneous heaters. Storage heaters heat the water inside the tank and store it until the family is ready to use the water. Storage tanks are available for both interior and exterior installation. Storage heaters, however, contribute to high emissions and are being phased out in some areas as an effort to go green. Instantaneous systems only heat water when needed. This system does not require a storage tank. Households with low hot water consumption should use electric hot water systems.

Solar hot water systems

As its name suggests, these systems draw power from the sun to heat water. The solar hot water system consists of solar panels, storage tanks and a gas or electric booster. Solar panels absorb sunlight to heat water. The system is used in combination with a gas or electric booster to heat water during seasons when sunlight is not sufficient. A solar hot water system is a good investment, especially in Australia where the climate is warm. The initial installation cost may, however, be expensive depending on government incentives. While installation cost may be expensive, the operation costs will be cheaper. Look into government incentives in the state you live to lower installation costs.

A gas hot water system

They are similar to electric water systems in their mode of operation. They consist of a gas burner to heat water and a storage tank to store the heated water. There are also models of instantaneous gas heaters available in the market. Instantaneous heaters are more convenient as there is no risk of hot water running out. Instantaneous heaters, however, require a high flow of gas which may require more massive pipes installation. Natural gas is cheaper than electricity, provided you have a supply in your home. Gas prices are rising, but the fluctuation is not extreme. While natural gas is not renewable, it is more efficient than electrical heating.

Take the time to consider the above options when you need a hot water system changeover