5 Qustions to ask Before Hiring a Commercial Plumber

A business experiencing plumbing problems loses time, money, customers and reputation when the issue isn't addressed quickly. Commercial plumbing needs, therefore, pose greater urgency and call for top-of-the-line skill to promptly resolve them. Here are a few questions to ask to help you find the best commercial plumbing service provider.

Do They Have a Valid License?

Hiring unlicensed commercial plumbing service providers can seem cheaper, but it is costly in the long run and exposes you to more risk. Using unlicensed practitioners opens you up to potential lawsuits from tenants or government agencies. Should any plumbing-related accidents occur after hiring unlicensed vendors, your insurance provider will not cover the resulting liability.

Do They Offer 24-Hour Service?

The plumbing needs of a commercial concern differ from residential ones. When your business experiences a plumbing issue, there is no time to sit and wait for a plumber to try to fit you into their schedule. Your business will need to resolve the matter urgently, as it makes the difference between keeping clients or losing them. To ensure that a plumbing emergency doesn't make your business lose its reputation, look for a service provider with 24-hour service for immediate availability when necessary.

Do They Have Prior Commercial Plumbing Experience?

Commercial plumbing work happens on a much larger scale than residential work. A potential service provider requires extensive experience in carrying out comprehensive projects like inspecting and repairing sewer lines with fast turnaround times. Do not hire a residential plumber for a commercial task, even when the job looks similar to a residential one.

Do They Have Experience With the Specific Industry the Business Is In?

Specific industries place a higher demand on commercial plumbers than others. A restaurant, for example, requires extensive plumbing work, which differs in comparison to the requirements of an office building or staff quarters. Look for a service provider with prior experience in your particular field of interest, on top of regular commercial plumbing experience, to receive the best assistance.

What Are Their Maintenance Plans?

In addition to fixing a problem when it arises, a commercial plumber needs to have a viable plan for offering maintenance services for preventative purposes. Find out what a potential provider plans to provide you with on maintenance to assess their suitability.


Commercial plumbing is a critical service that calls for experience and immediate availability. Vet any potential service providers to zero in on those who can help your business the most.