Signs Your Pool Pump Needs Immediate Repairs

Despite the pool pump being one of the most important components of your swimming pool, not many homeowners pay much attention to it. As such, it is easy to miss the signs of impending trouble, especially if you do not know what you should be looking out for. In reality, knowing the symptoms of underlying issues can save you costly pump repairs, as you will catch the problem before it gets the chance to become aggravated. So what are some of the signs that your pool pump needs immediate repairs?

Weird noises from the pool pump

When your pool pump turns on, it is supposed to operate soundlessly or at the very least at a very low volume. If you start to notice that the pump has become much louder than normal, it is highly likely that there is a serious issue at hand. If you are hearing grinding noises, it could be an indication of worn motor bearings in the pool pump that would need to be replaced as soon as possible. The wearing of the bearing usually comes about due to corrosion over time, especially if water has made its way inside the pump.

Your electricity trips when the pump is on

Another symptom of an underlying problem with your pool pump is when you start to notice that your circuit breaker keeps tripping whenever you turn on the pool pump. In this instance, it usually indicates that your pool pump is causing an electrical surge, which causes the circuit breaker to cut the power supply. This type of problem should be of utmost concern as it means that the pool pump's problems are stemming from a larger electrical problem. It should be noted that repairing your pool pump might not be the cost efficient solution as the power problem could crop up again. Instead, you may want to consider having it replaced by your local pool technician.

Your pool pump keeps cycling on and off

Whether you have a manual or an automatic pool pump, the equipment is supposed to operate for the duration that you choose. If you notice that the pump spontaneously shuts off on its own for a while, and then restarts itself, it means that your equipment is compromised. One of the common reasons that the pump will cycle on and off is if it is becoming overheated, so it shuts down for self-preservation. The second reason would be perhaps the pump has developed a clog that is impeding its operation.