Dealing With Blocked Sewer Lines

It can be very distressing when you have a blocked sewer line because the signs alert you of this problem can be discomforting. You could pour unblocking chemicals down the drain and try every unblocking technique you know, but in truth, blocked sewer lines are best left to people with the right plumbing expertise.

What is causes sewers to block?


Roots cause a lot of blocked sewers becaues roots can enter the pipes at points of weakness, like cracks or fittings. The result is that as they grow, they cause the pipes to leak and cause a blockage at the same time. When the damage caused to the pipes by roots is severe, you will certainly have to replace the pipes.

Foreign objects in the drain

These are objects that should not have been allowed into the sewer accumulating over time. A plumber has many ways of removing foreign objects.

Pipe misalignment and sinking

Due to the shifting of the ground, pipes are put under strain and they may break, sink or become misaligned. When this happens there is likely to be a leak as well as a blockage. Waste can then seep to the surface, creating an unsightly mess.


If your pipes are very old, it gets to a point where they cannot take the pressure anymore, which leads to massive leaks as the structure of the pipes simply collapses. There is only one remedy here: new pipes.  

Signs of a blocked sewer line

Water drains slowly: Sometimes the water level in your toilet bowl will also rise.

Sounds and smells: The sounds and smells from a blocked sewer line are not nice, but they are evidence that air is coming up your drainpipes, which signify blockages. If you smell sewage and hear odd noises coming from your drains, this is an issue.

Unnatural moist conditions: These will be observed at the foundation level and basement of your house. They signify a leakage; in many cases, a poorly functioning drain and a leakage occur together.

When you notice these signs that your pipes and sewer lines are not working as they should, the smart move is to call a qualified and certified plumbing expert who has the required equipment and skill to identify the cause of the blockage and fix it. A blocked sewer usually demands prompt attention because of the health and environmental hazards posed by waste.