Common Problems You May Experience with You Dishwasher's Air Gap

There is an assortment of components that make up your dishwasher. One part that is typically not a high priority for homeowners is the air gap as it tends to be out of sight. Nonetheless, the air gap is essential, as it is the component that allows air to enter your dishwasher to facilitate sufficient draining of water without a vacuum being created in the appliance. If your air gap has started to malfunction, it could considerably affect the efficiency of your dishwasher, and it would be best to seek plumbing services. Below are some of the common problems that you may experience with your dishwasher's air gap.

The air gap has developed a leak

When the dishwasher is in operation, there are varying reasons why water would leak out the air gap and make its way onto your countertop. The most common would be a damaged seal, which would have to be replaced post haste if you would want to prevent water damage. Another reason why your air gap may leak is if there is a clog that has developed in the piping that connects the dishwasher and the air gap. These blockages constrict the flow of water, increasing the pressure inside the air gap, and this causes a subsequent leak. Luckily, a plumber would be able to easily eliminate this by using a plumber's snake. Some homeowners make the mistake of ignoring this air gap leak since the water may be minimal, but you should bear in mind that over time this moisture could cause considerable damage.

The knockout plug is in place

If you have recently purchased a new dishwasher, you should note that it comes with a knockout plug in place. This knockout plug is supposed to be removed during installation to facilitate the functioning of the air gap. However, homeowners who did not have their dishwasher professionally fitted may have overlooked the removal of this knockout plug. As a result, water begins to drip out of the air gap, yet the appliance is brand new. It is advisable to check whether the knockout plug is still in place and have it removed.

The air plug has become blocked

If your dishwasher's air plug is clogged, it could end up compromising the overall functioning of the appliance. Blockages in the air plug directly translate into the machine being unable to properly drain, because air will be unable to make its way into the dishwasher, and this can pose the risk of an overflowing dishwasher. It would be prudent to have a professional remove the air plug for thorough cleaning to restore your dishwasher to maximum functionality.

For more information and help with your dishwasher, contact professional plumbing services in your area.