Symptoms That Indicate Your Boiler Requires Maintenance

Your home's boiler is one of the most durable appliances despite the heavy usage that it needs to endure. Nonetheless, this does not make it immune to wear and tear. This is especially common in older homes as some new buyers may not opt to replace the boiler when they move in. Leaving this wear and tear to go on unchecked will lead to the eventual decline of your boiler. This is why it is crucial to know how to spot the signs of impending trouble. Here are a few symptoms that would indicate that your boiler is in need of some professional maintenance.

Your hot water has low pressure

Low water pressure is a plumbing problem that households all have to endure at one point or another. If you find that your household is experiencing low water pressure in its entirety, chances are the problem stems from your main plumbing. However, if you find that you are exclusively experiencing low water pressure when using hot water, chances are there is an underlying problem with your boiler.

Typically, this problem will stem from blockages forming in your boiler's plumbing. This is a serious concern since, if left undeterred, it could lead to increased pressure within your boiler. As soon as you notice that you have low hot water pressure, it is important to hire a plumber.

Strange noises from your boiler

Another issue that may give you cause for concern is strange noises emanating from your boiler. In some cases, these noises may stem from the water itself and this will typically sound like whistling or gurgling noises. In the event that you hear rattling, it could indicate that the pipes of your boiler have come loose and require proper fitting once again. Failure to attend to this can pose the risk of a leak springing up from your boiler.

Another reason why you may hear strange noises in your boiler is if there is debris inside the boiler. Over time, the consistent changing temperatures can melt and subsequently solidify particles that have collected within your boiler. As the particles become larger, they start to bang against the inside of your boiler as the water is heated. This is a serious problem as it poses the risk of damage to the interior of the tank, which could lead to corrosion and even cracks. It would be essential to have your boiler professionally cleaned to eliminate this debris.

Make sure you talk with a professional if you have any questions about hot water systems and your home.