Types of Hot Water Systems

Hot showers are a great luxury unless you prefer cold showers. When your hot water system starts to malfunction, then you should look into replacing it. Instead of getting the same replacement, you should consider different types of hot water systems. This research will allow you to choose the most efficient and affordable system. The different kinds of hot water systems that you can get installed include: Electric hot water systems

Wet Wipes Are Destroying Sydney's Sewers

The sewers in Sydney are facing an epidemic of fatbergs: enormous blockages that cause waste to back up in the sewage systems. Many people think that fatbergs only contain fat, but this is not the case. Solid materials that have been flushed down the city's toilets also contribute to clogs, providing sites around which fat can congeal and grow into a giant clog. The Worst Offender: The Wet Wipe Sydney's fatberg problem suddenly worsened in 2012, when consumers started using wet wipes as a luxurious alternative to toilet paper.

What Happens to Cat Litter When You Put It in the Toilet?

Cleaning cat litter is not a job for the faint of heart. The smell alone can leave your eyes watering. However, as unpleasant a job it is, you shouldn't take shortcuts by pouring cat litter into a toilet. Although at first, you won't notice any issues, in time, the buildup of cat litter and cat feces in your toilet will cause a blockage.  Most Cat Litter Is Made of Clay

Advice for Handling a Burst Pipe

Pipes burst for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps you have faced a cold snap and the resulting sub-zero temperatures have made ice form inside the pipe, causing it to expand. Maybe the water pressure to your home or work premises is too high and the joints in your plumbing system have faced too much strain. There again, you might simply have an old section of pipework which has deteriorated over the years until it has finally allowed water to escape.

Heat Water System - Energy Saving Solutions

In this day and age, we are all being told to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions for the welfare of the beautiful planet we live on. We need to sustain this planet for our future generations. One way is to look for environmentally friendly options for our hot water systems. You may already be aware of solar hot water systems, which are a wonderful, environmentally friendly option but have large initial installation costs; however, many of us are unaware of using a heat pump as a renewable form of energy.