4 Reasons to Choose a Tile Insert Shower Waste Over a Grated Shower Waste

Choosing the right shower drain might not seem like a particularly important decision, but it can affect everything from appearances to cleaning. It's best to go for a stainless-steel shower waste, and you'll find two main options: grated and tile insert.

You're almost certainly already familiar with grate shower wastes. They are completely exposed with holes in to let the water through, and they do a good enough job. However, you might not be aware of tile insert shower wastes. Still made from stainless-steel, they position drainage channels around the edge of a single tile, so you'll barely be able to see them at first glance.

Here are just four reasons you should choose a stainless steel tile insert shower waste over a grated shower waste.

1. Cleaner Appearance

Probably the most compelling reason to choose a tile insert shower waste is that most people think they look better. Fully integrated into your shower floor, they are unobtrusive and help create a sleek, seamless look that works wonderfully in modern bathrooms. While aesthetics aren't always important, it's nice to use a shower that looks good. You should also keep in mind that a better-looking shower could add a little to the value of your property if you ever come to sell.

2. More Comfortable on the Feet

Grated shower wastes aren't going to cause any pain, but most people don't find them particularly nice to walk on. With the holes creating odd pressure points that make them not as pleasant to walk on, traditional grated shower wastes are usually avoided by the feet as you wash. In contrast, you probably won't even be able to tell when you step on your tile insert shower waste.

3. Easier Cleaning

Nobody likes cleaning the shower. There's no way to avoid that job, but you can make it easier and faster by installing a tile insert waste instead of a grated one. With a grated waste, you need to scrub along the edges to remove any grime, and you'll often find yourself having to pick out hair. Tile insert wastes don't present those problems, and since they sit perfectly level with the floor you won't really have to pay them any extra attention.

4. Plenty of Options

Finally, keep in mind the wide array of options you have with tile insert wastes. You can make them in various shapes and choose different size tiles to fit them around your needs. Grates usually need to be of one standard size since unusual designs stick out too much, so they aren't as easy to personalize.

For more information, contact a service that supplies stainless steel floor wastes.